Glenbrook Engagement Session | Sarah & Chase

He proposed to her on this dock, the dock he grew up spending days as a child. A setting out of a storybook and no shortage of romance between the two, we spend the evening capturing their engagement session at a spot with so many memories already attached to it.

Sarah has to be one of the most gracious women to photograph. She is absolutely hilarious and so go-with-the-flow that it makes me question how easy going I thought I was! Since photographing her brother's wedding and her family portraits, I have gotten to know not only Sarah but the folks who are closest to her. It wasn't a surprise that she found such an endearing, thoughtful man to spend the rest of her days with and one I couldn't see fitting any more perfectly into her life. They melt into each others arms so effortlessly. I found myself just pointing to a location and they'd be so lost in each other that I didn't need to say much else. These images make my heart smile and I hope they do the same to yours! 

Jill & Brandon | Hoboken Engagement Photos | Sneak Peek

I absolutely come alive in cities! One of my favorite things to do is walk the streets just soaking everything in. Growing up outside of Philadelphia, I was so lucky to have had so many great cities and towns within a short distance. Jill and Brandon live in Hoboken and wanted to shoot around the city they love and have well established roots. I replied with a abso-freakin-lutely! Lasting well over our planned amount of time, their chemistry, enthusiasm and polished-yet-chill vibe kept us strolling around and getting to know each other better while snapping some photos in between. I cannot wait to share a full post of these two! For now, here's a peek!

Chad and Colleen | A Lake Tahoe Engagement Session

With all the snow falling in Tahoe these days, the gorgeous winter wonderland is in full effect! These two are snagging the best of both worlds, a winter engagement session and a tropical destination wedding. Sure, the snow is chilly but these images will warm you right up! 

Makeup by Mandy with Megan Cary Artistry.  

The Chavarria Family | South Lake Tahoe Family Photography

I was anxiously awaiting the day I would get to photograph this family! I captured their wedding years ago and in the meantime, they've grown they're family by two scrumptious boys! Born and raised in this area, they are also the dynamic duo behind  Verde Mexican Rotisserie, a delicious spot we frequent and they also commissioned me for the art that hangs there. 

We shot their family portraits in one of my favorite meadows in South Lake Tahoe and here they are, getting lots of tickles and kisses in! 

Reno Newborn Photography | The Soter Family

Nesting at home in the early days after baby is born is one of the most unique and fleeting periods of first time parenthood. That moment you're left without the professional support staff and realize, "Holy crap, it's all up to us now." 

Stacee and Matt are one of those couples who parenthood seems to come so naturally. He is extremely hands on and observant of every little detail of his baby boy (feet being the favorite!) and Stacee has this relaxed aura, as if the love she has for that baby is all she needs to guide her through. If they had any new parent panic, they disguised it well :)

A few weeks back, we captured a morning at home, when Quinn as just 2.5 weeks new and catching up on some sleep. 

p.s. You may or may not know these two are behind the deliciousness of the Nevada Brining Company. They sent me home with a care package and, I swear, I never knew a pickle could taste so good! Do yourself a favor and go try some!


Happy Mother's Day!

They love us before they even meet us...

They witness our first smiles, put in sleepless nights and endless worry for our wellbeing, 

They share our greatest joys, our accomplishments, our biggest falls and love us unconditionally.  

They put up with our instinct to not cooperate for the "nice family picture" they want...

They are the pillars of our families, the laugh when we need it, the warm hug and love when we need that, too. 

To all the moms out there - the strong moms, single moms, step-moms, adopted moms, dog moms, moms of one and moms of many, grand and great grand moms, and all the moms who have come before us...

Thank you for giving us life, showing us what true self sacrifice means and for the countless hours that no one sees that you dedicated to making us great. 

I'm especially talking about my mom. I love you! 

Reno Maternity Session

One of the most incredible aspects of this career is witnessing the huge life events of so many people. When a past bride contacts me and says she expecting, I can hardly contain my excitement. I photographed Stacee's wedding five years ago and to hear she was pregnant melted my heart. 

We had been rescheduling this shoot for about 3 weeks because of the random springtime storm schedule and even though one was looming up high, we went for it. I love the weather before a storm because it's always such dreamy light. This also meant shooting between 30 mph gusts, but that was a blessing in disguise since Stacee and I had a lot to catch up on and she also has amazing hair, and amazing hair don't care. 

Congrats, Stacee! I already have a crush on that little man in there! 

South Lake Tahoe Maternity Session | The Humphreys

He proposed here, they held their intimate wedding here and they returned here to celebrate once more, for the upcoming arrival of their first child. How beautiful that so many life events were celebrated on this beach at Round Hill in South Lake Tahoe. We arrived to a locked gate, since it's still the pre-summer season, and a nice hike down lead to having the whole place to ourselves, a rare treat since it's a very popular tourist area. 

What a gorgeous day for a session on the beach with a beautiful couple! Congrats, you two! 

Dani & Ryan's Lake Tahoe Maternity Session

A snowy winter wonderland in South Lake Tahoe and a beautiful couple expecting their first baby in May - a perfect combination! As soon as I met Dani and Ryan, they're faces rang a bell. I get to work with so many incredible people in this area and I knew that I had photographed them before. As many weddings as I have shot, over 150 by now, I never forget a face I've photographed. Ryan was a past groomsman and Dani was a guest at a wedding from 3 years ago. As soon as we started shooting, I knew we'd have a blast. Their fun natures and ability to joke so hilariously with each other made my cheeks hurt from laughing by the end of our session. Yet, they have this beautiful "I adore and love you and can't wait to have this baby with you" look when the cuddle in closely. I loved witnessing it! It was a fantastic afternoon and I'm so excited to meet their little one when he/she makes the big debut! Congrats, you two!

The LaMoureaux Family

This family is one near and dear to my heart. Back in 2010, we met in a little coffee shop to chat about their wedding and it turned out that I was booked on the date they decided on. They ended up moving their wedding to the day before so I could be there. Needless to say, my heart just about melted when I heard they did that and from their engagement session until today, we've built a wonderful friendship full of wedding decor swapping, business chats, hikes with our soul mate dogs, and now, the birth of their very own little angel. 

I'm so beyond happy for these two to have a baby! This is the classic story of clients turned friends and photographing their family of three was so special to me. Here is a peek at their first week home.

Maternity | Mother - Daughter mini Session

The Wrights have been a part of my photography family for some time now and a family I get so excited to see every year, often more! This summer, mama and her little lady came to do a special mommy and me portrait session to honor their relationship and the arrival of the newest little lady. This session was all about the belly, and not just mommy's. 

Reno Maternity Family photography.jpg

The Glockners

Jim & Cheri stole my heart when I photographed her son's wedding this past April. They have such positive and joyful spirits separately, and as a couple, theirs is the kind of love we all wish to have. They wanted to have these images to give to their family as gifts for the holidays and they gave me the disclaimer, "Bear with us, we have no idea what we're doing." One minute into the session, I realized their claim was a total bluff and my job was going to be easy. Two people so obviously head-over-heels for each other cannot take a bad picture. I told them to just think about being in love and that they, most definitely, did. Thank you both for coming to me for these images, I absolutely adore you!