Jillian & Danny | The Lodge at Tahoe Donner Wedding

Here is the wonderfully perfect wedding of Danny and Jillian. We have become great friends over the course of this year and I couldn't wait for this day to come. They are the kind of couple that redefine true love. I had mentioned in an earlier post about the incredible story of the how they met. Their wedding program so creatively explains it, but I decided to share my narration with On The Go Bride who posted their engagement session images today as well. Head on over to check out the story HERE, then come back and see their new beginning.

This wedding was extra special since Jillian has joined my team and has been taking on projects in the office. While work must be done, we end up chatting for hours. I so enjoy her refreshing  company and creativity. When she talks about Danny, she glows. She tells me about how, on a clear night, they'll drive out into the open fields outside of Folsom, lay in Danny's truck bed, and look at the stars.  How he always picks her flowers. My heart melts. Their love is this old soul kind of love. Nothing really matters as long as they're with each other. Case in point, their honeymoon plans took a dive when their flight got cancelled and then their Hawaiian B&B choice went out of business. They took it as a sign and spent that time back in the place they love, Lake Tahoe.

Anyway, I could go on.... and I will... their families make you feel like you've spent the last ten Thanksgivings with them. Danny's friends get caught up finding Waldo and wearing green lighting bolts socks. Jillian's mom sent us home with Snook's caramel popcorn. Danny's mom made sure we wene't hungry and his grandparents immediately become your grandparents.  These are just the kind of people that think about everyone but themselves, even during what could be a very stressful day.  Wedding stress didn't seem to phase them. It was all about family, friends and love. Add impeccable taste and style and personal touches everywhere and I was in heaven.

Ok, here it is.

We call that a "bro-quet."

Danny's grandparents, Dan and Lora, were married on this same day 62 years ago. We love Dan and Lora. They giggle together just the same way Danny and Jillian do and if you're not giggling with them, Dan makes sure that changes.

Custom Jones Cream Soda with an image from their engagement session. A bottle I have on my desk one of the sweetest things I've ever been sent away with at a wedding.