Katie & Mike | Engaged | Fallen Leaf Lake

He makes her laugh, alot. When she's wrapped in his arms, she just glows. Spending the afternoon with these two was fantastic.

Mike was born and raised in South Lake Tahoe. When I met with Katie many months back, there was no question about where they wanted to shoot their session. Mike's grandparents live lakeside at Fallen Leaf Lake and maintained the Fallen Leaf area for many years. I can't imagine a childhood growing up in all the settings shown here. When I was a kid, we built forts and played house along the little creek behind our house. So, when I saw the fort-building and pretend-town capabilities here, the 9 year old inside me was a tad bit envious. But let's not digress.  This is the area my husband and I bike to often and it was so awesome to hear Mike's family connection to the land. Katie is equally in love with the area and it was lovely capturing them in such a personal setting.

Congrats you two!

Katie's hair & makeup was styled by the lovely Decorated Bride