Never Forgotten | September 11

Last May, I was in New York City visiting my sister. We came across this simple yet powerful memorial. Some tiles were new and some weathered, but all with the common thread of heartfelt messages.

Like other major events in history, I'm sure everyone can remember where they were when they heard the first tower was hit. I was walking out of a 2-D Design class in West Chester, PA and people were sitting on benches crying, walking by on their cell phones with worried faces or hands over their mouths in disbelief...I heard a tornado of voices saying things like "plane crash" "terrorists" "World Trade Center hit," and when I walked up to the first TV monitor, I was speechless. Automatically thinking, who is NYC right now... my brother, my aunts, my friend's dad who works on Wall Street, my friends at school in NYC... the list seemed endless. Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, many people commute to NYC everyday. I couldn't wrap my head around the devastation once I started hearing who lost their lives and who was OK.

Today I remember a country that stood together for ... our country and its people. I remember the long list of lives lost, lives affected, firefighters, police, volunteers and citizen heroes that went above and beyond the call of duty to help in any way they could.

Rest in Peace Donna Ann Wilson, 48 Aon Corp. World Trade Center, Tower 2 and to all the others whose lives were taken so prematurely. Wishing all my strength to those families who mourn today and everyday and to the troops who have kept us safe every day since!