Old Granite Street Eatery

Where I come from, a little town in between NYC and Philadelphia, the area is heavily peppered with incredible restaurants. I love food. I love eating out and experiencing something I can't make at home. I long for the food I grew up around. I've eaten at Granite Street Eatery a number of times now, pretty much every time I'm in Reno. The staff, the atmosphere, the menu, the decor - its an experience all around and it takes me home.

I've been getting a lot of inquiries with plans for smaller weddings, under fifty guests, for next year. I wanted to plug this restaurant since its a fabulous choice for an intimate affair and a gorgeous place to photograph. I tried to snap some more pictures but dessert, a white chocolate bread pudding, arrived. You understand.

p.s. they have purse hooks on their bar stools. i could kiss the bartender when i feel for these and actually find them! it's the little things...