Our Little Man

wes 4-months- Well, it's been almost 5 months and this is the first official intro of our little man, Wesley Benton Aaron, to the blog. It's rather fitting that today is his late grandfather's, Leonard Wilson, birthday. You see, Wesley's name was plucked from our family tree and Leonard's father's name was…. Wesley Wilson.

His arrival into our lives has been nothing short of incredible! We didn't know our hearts were capable of loving this much! This kid has the happiest little spirit and ever since all the nurses at the hospital called him an "old soul," we completely believe he is. The first two months, he threw us a lot of pop quizzes, and we were all just simply learning about each other. Plus, life as a baby must be terrifying when you can't see much past 12 inches. Then, around the three month mark, this joyful, curious, observant, playful and cuddly little angel emerged and stuck around ever since.

Photographing families and babies has taken on a whole new meaning now. The love between a mother and child has taken a whole new definition as well. Endless hours of selflessness, just experiencing life through this 17 pound bundle of curiosity and helping him learn these new exciting skills (and octaves) couldn't be more fulfilling. I've traded the snooze button for this 5am alarm clock. I rarely make it through the day in the same clothes I initially put on and my new perfume is milk. Editing with both hands has now turned into a one-armed edit, while little one sleeps in the other and this miniature cherub wakes up only caring that I am the singing, smiling, laughing safety net of a mom he fell asleep knowing. The moment he opens his eyes and gives a smile makes this new world of mine the richest it's ever been. Wesley, mama loves you to the moon and back!

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