Rachelle & John | Lincoln, California

Rachelle and John picked a gorgeous setting tucked in the rolling hills of Lincoln, California. After their engagement session a few months ago, I couldn't wait for this day. When a couple is so in love, they forget I am even there... that is when the best moments are captured. When a bride is wearing leopard print heels, you know she means business! The guest list included many navy men and women and it was so wonderful to experience the honor and respect this event held for them. Congratulations you two!

DJ: Larry Burow with Extreme Productions

These guys were hilarious! It wasn't hard to keep everyone smiling with them around!

One the coolest traditions I've experienced: The entire room was silent, as the swordsmen marched in and created an arch.

Then, as John and Rachelle made there way past each set of swordman, they would say "Kiss and you may pass."

Then, after passing the very last set, Rachelle got a little tap on the bum as they all said "Welcome to the Navy!!!!" It was awesome!

Ok, so if you have a Navy wedding, invite me please. This was such a fun group! As a complete surprise to Rachelle, the DJ started playing "You've Lost that Loving Feeling" (Top Gun- remember?) and all the guys were singing and dancing around her!