Sherry & Toby | Donner Lake Wedding

Toby & Sherry won my heart back in February during our engagement session. Sherry carries the soft grace of royalty. Toby thinks about everyone else before himself. Then you meet their families and friends and you wonder how it is ever possible to be surrounded by so many welcoming and friendly people at one time. The morning of July 1st was perfectly calm on Donner Lake, where they were wed on the boat dock of her grandparent's home. The rush and urgency that is involved in most weddings was lifted from this one. Things happened when they happend. The ceremony started around 11ish. Speeches were spoken when it sounded like a good idea. Boston, the polite, attentive puggle, wore his ring bearer bandana with pride at his parents feet the whole ceremony through and kept the laid back charm that was this wedding, in check.

Toby & Sherry, thank you for inviting me to capture this day for you!

To see the gorgeous video of their day by 5 Mile Films, click HERE!

(a huge thank you to Jentry Dryden for hanging with the guys pre-ceremony and capturing some great shots throughout the day!)

[I mustnote that the above shot of Sherry was made by Jentry. I think this captures her SO perfectly!]

Pictured above is Grandma Bobbie, the gracious hostess of the day and Brooklyn native, where she credits obtaining her witty attitude and tell-it-like-it-is nature.  In our conversation (after she said she'll have a vodka tonic - hold the tonic) she told me:

"You know, my friends have those silly bucket lists. I never had one. I never needed one because I did what I wanted to do and lived a very full life. I don't have regrets. When my husband fell ill, I wasn't regretful because we wouldn't be able to do all the things we never did. We did everything we were supposed to do throughout our whole life."

Words I'll always remind myself of and wish for Toby & Sherry as they start their married life together.