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Military Homecoming

You just married your soul mate. Only a few months into newlywed life, he finds out he’s being deployed for a year to Afghanistan. A year. My husband travels a week here, a month there, but never a year. Nicole … Continue reading

Visual Supply Co. Workshop

A thirst for constant improvement, staying inspired, meeting interesting people and filling life with stimulation is what keeps me taking pictures. When I saw this workshop was being offered, I jumped on it. I went there excited to learn from … Continue reading

Love Defined

If you cried during The Notebook get out the box of tissues. I found this here and my heart turned to mush. The simplicity of what defines love with the wrinkled voices of two elder lovebirds that lived it. Bookmark it for … Continue reading

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

20% English, 20%, Irish, 20% Welsh, 40% Hungarian Today: 100% Irish. Here’s some green from throughout the years…

Doing What You Can

In the wake of such natural disasters like what Japan is experiencing right now, I can’t help but think about how fornuate my life is. My family and I have a warm home, clothes on our back, food in a … Continue reading