Reno Newborn Photography | The Soter Family

Nesting at home in the early days after baby is born is one of the most unique and fleeting periods of first time parenthood. That moment you're left without the professional support staff and realize, "Holy crap, it's all up to us now." 

Stacee and Matt are one of those couples who parenthood seems to come so naturally. He is extremely hands on and observant of every little detail of his baby boy (feet being the favorite!) and Stacee has this relaxed aura, as if the love she has for that baby is all she needs to guide her through. If they had any new parent panic, they disguised it well :)

A few weeks back, we captured a morning at home, when Quinn as just 2.5 weeks new and catching up on some sleep. 

p.s. You may or may not know these two are behind the deliciousness of the Nevada Brining Company. They sent me home with a care package and, I swear, I never knew a pickle could taste so good! Do yourself a favor and go try some!