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Brian & Katelyn | Engaged

The way they met goes like this: Katelyn was out on a date with some guy. After the date was over, she went to go hang out with her brother and his friend, Brian. Instantly, Brian was interested but Katelyn’s … Continue reading

Domi & Katy | Wedding | Blue Lakes

Domi and Katy have one of the sweetest engagement stories I’ve heard yet. They had recently bought a home and Domi was outside on a ladder and had asked for some help. He asked her to reach into his pocket … Continue reading

a bridal shoot

There are shoots where you sometimes stop and wonder how you’ve gotten so lucky to be in the company of such gorgeously talented, passionate and wonderful people. This shoot was one of them. The goal was simplicity. A gorgeous girl. … Continue reading

Troy & Marlena | Peek

Mother nature has been very unpredictable these days and June 4th was no exception. But when you are marrying your soul mate, a little rain only makes it more exciting. I cannot wait to show more of the images from … Continue reading

Kip & Nicole | Eagle’s Nest | Lake Tahoe Wedding Photography

Kip + Nicole… what can I say about these two. Friendly, neighborly hello’s bloomed into a wonderful friendship over the years and I couldn’t adore them more! With all of our crazy work and travel schedules, they’ve become second parents … Continue reading