Adam + Veronica | Engaged!

Here we go! It's time for me to make good on the promises of an influx of full posts from all those sneek peaks I teased you all with during the busy spring...and summer...and fall! Yes, blogging has taken a back seat these past months but this year there is a new game plan which starts now! I'll start with the vivacious Veronica + Adam!

What happens in Vegas, doesn't always stay in Vegas when it comes to meeting the person you're meant to marry. Veronica was leaving the backjack table after a hot streak and Adam asked to take her seat. Their eyes met and if the rest is history, it is filled with a ton of laughing since that is all these two do together. I love it! 

Their first year together, a long distance relationship between Texas and Sacramento lead them to meet at Lake Tahoe many times...and a meaningful location to tie the knot this May!
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