Amy & James | San Francisco Engagement

If you've ever had friends in pharmacy school, you've probably rarely seen them. It's dedication and the only spare time you have is spent sleeping (sometimes). Knowing that, a fun day out just being in love had to be a treat for these two, both currently pharmacy students.

After spending this afternoon with them, I'm super excited for their wedding in Reno, just one week from today. These two glow around each other. With hardly any direction, they just melt together and my job was easy. Here's our session from the Palace of Fine Arts, a jaw-droppingly beautiful setting that is even more impressive in person. Add two beautifully in love people and it's enchanting.

Here's were the joke was on us (well, more on me). The solar eclipse was all the talk and we (well, I) thought we were going to have front row seats right under the bridge. It's not every day you shoot a couple under a solor eclipse, under the Golden Gate Bridge, so I was all sorts of amped up. I love astronomical phenomenons - they remind you of just how small you are in the scheme of things. Anyway, we waited, the light was changing, we burnt retinas trying to see it's progress and then nothing. Well, something, but more like a small mouse bite out of the top of the sun. And that's when we realized why the field was so empty. Had we been three hours east in Reno, we'd have been set.

And, so, my pseudo-astronomer career came to an abrupt end. Back to photography.