Andy & Andrea | Zephyr Cove, NV /South Lake Tahoe, CA

When Andy and Andrea contacted me to shoot their wedding, they described it as a very intimate mid-week ceremony with a big photo shoot afterward. Really? How awesome is that! When I shot their engagement pictures a few months ago, we had a blast and I couldn't wait until their wedding day. Of course, I didn't mind having a wedding couple all to myself for a few hours after tying the knot at a private Zephyr Cove residence. We picked a few south shore locations that embodied their vision for the images and went to town!

Hair/Makeup: Sessions Salon
Flowers: Andy's mom!

During the ceremony, the rings were passed around so that all of their family could give them a blessing...

After the meadow, we headed over to the Valhalla estates. FYI: one of my FAVORITE places and the spot that I will be tying the knot next year!

Adorable garter also made by Andy's mom!