Avalanche Violin and Guitar

Meet Liz and Don of Avalanche Violin and Guitar! They are a fantastic addition to any wedding with their enchanting arrangements. We got together to do some promotional shots last month and had a blast! They started playing during our shoot and I had to stop and take it in... standing in the middle of the trees, no one else around and having my own private concert! I'm pretty sure they could play death metal and make it sound like a lullaby. Here are a few pictures from our shoot last month.

You can also visit their website at: www.tahoeweddingmusic.com

I've photographed ceremonies where they have played the music and it added such a sense of warmth and charm to the beginning of a wedding day. They go above and beyond for their clients, including learning special requests that they may not already have in their huge list of songs. I love their chemistry and would highly recommend them to any of my clients!

Liz's fiddle was custom made for her by an artist, Randy Steenburgen, who named it after his mother, Mildred. Liz carries the picture of her in the case at all times, a detail I thought was so thoughtful!
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