Dallas Finn

You don't see babies on my site too often. Well, not really at all. Truth is, until I have my own, I won't quite comprehend that they aren't as breakable as I think. In the six years since I left the east coast, every other friend of mine has had a baby, my little neice and nephew were born and I've missed the practice, except for a visit here and there. Man, have I missed, with every inch of my heart, holding all those babies.

This is Dallas Finn. The newest neighbor on our street. Our good friends, Kip and Nicole are the happy parents. Nicole and Rachael, my best friend back east, had the same due date except Dallas arrived three weeks early. While watching Dallas and Nicole grow the past nine months, I got to imagine where Rachael was at the same time and not feel so far away. It was awesome. When I get to hold Dallas, I can imagine that I'm holding all those babies I've missed holding as newborns. Plus, he's really easy on the eyes and I could just watch him move and look around at his new world all day. New life is incredible.

...and here it is. Dallas' baby boudoir session.