Central Bali #2- Ubud

A few more favorites from Ubud...

A few things to know about this traditional Balinese meal: 

1. No utensils, only fingers with a water bowl to rinse them with
2. Super sweet tea
3. Spices SO hot your not even sure what foods your eating
4. Really cool packaging

Sean's first bite before the sweat and tears started.... sinuses cleared!
The lotus pond at Cafe Lotus and the Pura Taman Kemuda Saraswati (temple).

Balinese scaffolding: 

My attempt at creatively wrapping up some spa-type music we got the girls at the spa as a thank you for taking such great care of us. It was an attempt at matching the artful creations  they can do with banana leaves and flowers...
Two of our favorite people in Bali!