Christian | Graduating!

I have had such a blast working with seniors this year! I knew Christian and I would have fun... he's a friend of Jose's after all! He was a wealth of historical information when we shot around the Tallac Historic Site, the place he interned with the past few years. I learned so much during our session about the early days of South Lake Tahoe. There's no doubt in my mind Christian is destined for success and I wish him all the best!

Before we meet for the session, I like to ask some questions and get an idea of what the seniors are into to plan the session around their personalities. Christian mentioned his favorite color was orange and I search high and wide for an orange backdrop in South Lake Tahoe, to no avail. So, at the last minute, I remembered this orange chair in my shed! The best part is, it is a chair my fiance has been wanting to trash for a while (our neighbor had a garage sale and I accepted the free offer). Being the total pack-rat that I am, I felt I had to hold onto it a wee bit longer and was thrilled to find use for it here....

Needless to say, I was delighted to rub it in Sean's face that I used the chair:)

Another fun story: I was at the store the week before this session and saw this incredible teal '69 Chevy Truck hanging out in the parking lot. I would purchase this truck in a heartbeat, but settled for drooling over it for a few minutes. I introduced myself to the owner, this really happy, scruffy old guy named Mr. Jolly. (Jolly? Awesome!) I gave him my card since I needed to use his truck for something, if not to be in contact and use the truck in my own wedding pics next year. So, I surprised Christian with this truck and I think it made for some really unique senior portraits!

Last story: Christian's mom was along for our shoot (sweetest lady!) and she was checking out this chair for us to use and found this little creature hanging out...

It's very real... it's also very dead.... but I seriously don't know how she spotted this thing! I didn't even know they existed in the lake! I'm sure they are harmless but my summer swims will have a whole new paranoia now.