Creative Sessions | Boudoir

Beauty and spice and everything nice, Brittni is one of a kind! I've worked with Brittni once before for our Trash the Dress session and it is amazing to see her grow as a model. This week, she came out to shoot with myself and the lovely lady photographers of the area for a boudoir shoot at the Atlantis Resort in Reno. [Read more about our creative sessions below] The results were out of this world and makes me even more excited to work with Brittni in the future! Although, hanging out with her may send me home with a tattoo if my own...her ink is gorgeous!

Here are just a few from the 'Calvin' portion of our session:

Every month, the girls of reno/tahoe organize a creative shoot... an excuse for us all to get together, have fun and do what we love! These sessions are fantastic exercises for us all to learn and grow as photographers and friends. We're so happy to see the group growing! The picture below is just a taste of the fun!

Pictured (clockwise): Myself, Melissa Vossler, Emily Main, Heidi Huber, Eden Thome, Raquel Sullivan, and Kelsey Rosser. Many thanks to our multitalented model Brittni, possible photographer in the making, for taking this photo!