Darby & Jon | Sneak Peek!

September is a crazy busy month! Starting with a trip to Bucks County, PA, I'm now on my way to Montana and then Santa Barbara! But before I leave, I wanted to post a sneak preview of the Bucks County wedding. It wasn't just any ol' Buck County wedding though- It was the marriage of a great childhood friend! I'll give the full report for the full post, but for now, here are some easy favorites.

p.s. The location of the first pick is an old general store that used to be called "The Patriot" in Washington Crossing State Park. We'd ride our bikes here as grade schoolers and get ice cream or candy and find a spot by the river to hang out. How surreal it was now being back as an adult and shooting a friend's wedding day here. Pardon the nostalgia, but it was pretty awesome!

p.s. Darby and Jon are currently on a three week, yes THREE WEEK, honeymoon in Hawaii. I'm not envious or anything...