Eric & Megan | Engaged

Since this session, these two have had an absolutely beautiful wedding (featured on Grey Likes Weddings) but their engagement session needed to be dusted off and displayed for all to see as well! This session's images fell into the "to blog" list of about 20 sessions and weddings I'm trimming down this month and next. It's almost embarassing how long ago this session was, but since it's winter here, isn't it nice to see pictures from warmer days?

A stroll around historic Virginia City supplied an endless array of backdrops and I was able to impress them (I hope) with my knowledge of the cities folklore. I was delightfully schooled by Wilson, local bartender who closely resembled either Rip Van Winkle or a 70-ish year old member of ZZ Top, on my last visit. I'm talking about the bullet hole on the ceiling of the Old Washoe Club from bar fights in the 1800's, the well known hauntings of the area, and the wild west days... the kind of history I've been fascinated by since I moved west.

And here you have it. A red tie, some red pumps and a wonderfully in love couple!


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