Featured on Rock 'n Roll Bride!

A big thank you to Kat Williams and her fabulous rock glam blog for choosing to feature my images today! This shoot may look familiar from a few months ago when I posted our creative shoot with Adrienne Mineiro of The Vintage Empire. Make sure to check it out at www.rocknrollbride.com and spend some time there! Kat's eye for style and un-traditional approach to wedding imagery is so utterly fantastic! Just read her definition of a rock 'n roll bride (from her site):

Rock ‘n Roll Bride (Noun) A rock ‘n roll wedding is a wedding where the couple actually acknowledge that to plan a good wedding, they have to incorporate themselves and plan what they love for their day. They laugh in the face of the wedding industry and the wedding magazines that tell them what they need to do to make a ‘good wedding’.

It’s not about being ‘cool’, being a rebel or even thinking of the most unique idea you can, it’s about planning a wedding that reflects you and your partner and declaring your love in your way.

To be featured on this site, you don’t have to be cool. You don’t have to be ‘out-there’ or ‘offbeat’, you just have to be you ♥

Love her and love this blog!