Gina & Justin | San Rafael Park- Honey's Garden | Reno, Nevada Wedding

I typically don't text a client while I'm editing through their images, but I was in tears at so many points throughout this process that I couldn't hold back. These families have so much love between them and I felt it not only on wedding day, but every time I look back at their images.

When we met, they described their wedding at a friend's ranch with a beautiful view of the Sierra's. When I hear the word 'ranch' I get all sorts of crazy excited since that is one of my absolute favorite wedding venues to photograph. There is something so warm and cozy about it and the photography potential is limitless! Give me a couple so in love the world spins around them, my camera and a ranch and I'm ecstatic!

When I arrived to scout out the ranch before the ceremony, I met Milly who was the sweet soul who made Gina's cake and a member of the family who used to live near Philadelphia (yes!). She was deligently working to put the final touches on the cake as other family and friends helped set up. Later, she informed me of how much butter it actually contained after she insisted I have a piece. It was worth every buttery calorie! Each and every person who was a a part of this day was someone I just wanted to hug for being so sweet. I stuck around until the very end of the night chatting in the kitchen about soft pretzels, hoagies and Wawa with Milly's husband. Get a few Philadelphia natives toegether on the west coast and the first thing we'll talk about is food!

Needless to say, I loved being a part of this wedding. When they called me to photograph Gina's sister's wedding this March, the warm fuzzy feelings came right back. I can't wait to spend more time with such great people at Raquel and Nick's wedding in a few months!


Here is the moment I realized it would be difficult holding back my own tears throughout the day...
Little sister held it together but broke down with emotions during their portraits when she looked up at her big sister. 
Moment #2 where my eyes filled up with tears as dad saw his baby girl for the first time

Moment #3: I'm sure my mascara infiltrated any wrinkles around my eyes at this point and I was looking like a hot mess. Gina's mom and sister, Raquel, stood up to give such a beautiful speeches and there I was shooting with one hand and fumbling for tissues with the other. Her dad and fiance stood nearby with a hand on her shoulder to help her through her words. Can you feel the love yet?
Ceremony site: Honey's Garden at San Rafael Park
Hair + Makeup: Lindsay Lu at Salon Platinum and Carissa Miles at Salon Lux  (two very talented sweetharts!)
Catering: Peppermill
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