Here comes the........Big News!!!

We're engaged!!!!!! While we were in Bali... No, while we were in one of the most magical places in Bali... on a romantic evening at a gorgeous restaurant in Ubud, under the full moon, hearing the sounds of the jungle and the ambient music playing at the modern restaurant... Sean popped the question! A few tears and a couple thousand "Oh My God's" later... we're happily engaged!

It's been so hard not to post this any sooner, but we had to make sure our family and close friends knew before the news made its internet debut. We couldn't be more thrilled! Here are some pictures, not of the actual proposal but from the very happy days after!

As if I couldn't be any more excited for my clients to get married, now that excitement is at all time highs! For those who have caught me tear up at weddings in the past, this season I may have to carry a few extra tissues!!!

My favorite part of the story: Before his grandma passed away many years ago, he promised her that he would buy the ring for the girl he would marry from her best friend, Donna, who had a jewelry store in Tustin, CA. He kept his word and what Tony & Donna designed (in record time for Sean to have for the trip) was absolutely amazing! I just want to hug them for all the great things Sean had to say about them and the service.

I've been warned that engagement rings have been known to potentially cause accidents... my friend Nicole says that she was driving once and the way the sun hit her ring while her hand was on the steering wheel sent her into a trance. Now, I can see why, as it has a way of catching my attention no matter what my hand is doing.

The eastern coast of Bali, near Amed. We really weren't too excited to celebrate at all...

The gorgeous flowers that were in our room when we got back from dinner that night... Yola, our adopted Balinese mother, who clued Sean into the best restaurant to pop the question, left these for us. If I could post the aromatic smell of these flowers, I would...

A little good morning from the hotel at our doorstep...

I went into the wedding industry because I loved the idea of sharing one of the happiest days of couple's lives and being able to contribute my passion for photography to the memories of their day. This is such an exciting time in my personal life and business life, since now I can really share the wedding experience with all my clients!!!