Kurt & Emmanuelle | Day After Session

They went to the same prep school in Jamaica, only to meet years later at a friend's party in Florida. He saw her and had to find out who she was. After a five year long distance relationship between Miami and Tampa, he proposed. Emmanuelle said, "We didn't really didn't have expectations of Lake Tahoe... much like marriage. We don't expect much but that we will always love each other." Kurt and Emmanuelle flew in from Florida for tie the knot at Lake Tahoe in a private ceremony. They asked if I would capture some portraits during their visit to capture the essence of this magical area... that they were visiting for the first time. Some of their family had never seen snow before and they chose a weekend following one of our biggest storms of the season. I love the adventure and spontaneity of their planning! Kurt didn't expect to learn how to operate a snowblower either. At the beginning of our session, my job became easy, very quickly. Although they seem to think differently, they are totally comfortable in front of the camera. It's so wonderful to see how couples warm up and get very cozy when all they are asked to do is hold each other close. Instant relaxation! Then,  I soon realized my job was about to become very difficult. I was going to have to sift through nearly 1000 fantastic frames, to narrow down the best of the best to give to them. My past couples can vouche for the fact I tend to deliver twice as many images as promised. I guess it's a good problem to have! Who doesn't want more images of themselves and I can't delete great images just to keep to a number. Win, win!

Enough of my chatter, here are the charming Kurt & Emmanuelle...

You can also view the slideshow here.

Above is Kurt's mom. She had never seen snow before and I coudn't let her get away without at least one picture.

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