Las Vegas | WPPI 2010

This past week, I attended a photography convention in Las Vegas, WPPI [Wedding and Portrait Photographers International]. Between the trade show, the workshops, the classes and the networking, I took home a wealth of information which I can't wait to implement in my business. My main goal for attending was to absorb everything and anything and learn more about efficiency in my post production... and, of course, go shopping for new products...and, of course, hang out with my lovely photographer friends! What I didn't realize is how much inspiration would come from listening to extremely successful photographers that I look up to openly share their experiences and their work. I could not wait to get back to work at home! I met photographers from all over the world and listened to so many touching stories about how photography can change lives, on both sides: the photographer and the client. Long story short, this trip reminded me of low truly blessed I am to do what I do! I. Love. My. Job. Period.

After emerging from the casino smoke and constant tunes of slot machine bells in the MGM Grand, I took the last day to make up for the lack of shooting while attending the events. I had never really experienced Vegas before this trip, and my friend Eden and I scoured the strip for our own creativity.

 I'll call this series "Around the World on the Vegas Strip"