Mandy & Tom | Engaged

I have a special place in my heart for Fallon, Nevada. Ever since my first session out there, ahem, Ashley and Colby, I fell in love with the community and the landscape.  Maybe it's in the water there, but every single person I've worked with from Fallon has been so sincere and so unbelievably nice. Mandy and Tom are no exception. We shot at their friend's ranch (400+ acres of ranch charm) and got to know each other as our boots collected dust and noses got pink from the chill. Their friend even stopped over and dropped off a beer for Tom. Portrait sessions sometimes come with a bad rep, maybe an eye roll or big sigh, in the male circle of conversation but after this shoot, Mandy and I got Tom on our team. Beer enjoyed, but certainly not needed :) Engagement sessions are awesome that way. (p.s. one of the loves of my life (my dog, Shylo) is from Fallon. That right there makes me a Fallon fan for life. )