Olympic Games | Vancouver 2010

It was brought to my attention (the polite way of saying someone called me out) that I haven't followed up to the Olympics trip blog teaser back in February. So, here it is! It was an amazing trip overall, driving through the pacific northwest, arriving in the beautiful city of Vancouver and experiencing the overwhelming Olympic spirit everywhere! It was really amazing to see so many representatives from around the world coming together to cheer on their athletes and exist is total harmony. Even when the U.S. beat the Canadian hockey team the first time around, we thought there would be riots in the streets but there was nothing even close. People were just so happy all time! The commercials for the friendly Canadian culture, in my experience, was totally true- welcoming, content and the friendliest country I've been to yet!

Not to mention, the reason we were there, to witness Shaun White win gold, turned out to be a total success! We couldn't be more happy for our friend and his accomplishments! The project my fiance has been working on for the 2009 season all came down to this very moment. It was such an amazing event to celebrate!

Enjoy the pictures! And thank you, Adam, for reminding me that I need to get these pictures posted! I got to relive the whole trip all over again!

This was the area of Vancouver that we stayed in, Horseshoe Bay. 

Our view was incredible and looked out onto our neighbors grass roof. Whether the grass was supposed to be there or not, I wouldn't be surprised since this was the such lush place this time of year!