Rodney & Kelsey | Durango, Colorado Wedding Photography

Kelsey and Rodney have known each other since childhood. Back in the day, Rodney's dad, Roy, was doing some work along the road, Kelsey's dad, also Roy, invited the kids to come in and play with his sons and daughter while he finished the work. Friends ever since. They were married in Durango and held their reception at Rodney's family ranch in Ignacio, CO. I arrived a few days early (see shots from the road here) and when I scouted out the ranch, I found a little piece of heaven. They made me feel like family immediately and I had a feeling it would be hard to head home at the end of the weekend.

My father and Roy had played high school football together and reconnected just a few years ago. Throughout those years, Roy's interest in photography sparked and he began emailing me images of the elk migrations and widlife in his area... and the occasional shot of my dad's glory days! Needless to say, when he asked if I'd like to shoot Kelsey and Rodney's wedding, I jumped at the chance! I'm hoping my next visit isn't too far away!


This little guy was extremely proud of his appointed position of ring bearer. I melt when I see little ones all dressed up and in their eyes it looks like their thinking "I'm all dressed up, everyone says this is really important, I'm supposed to behave and I'm still not exactly sure what's going on... so I'll just keep on moving..... very.... cautiously..."

The man pictured below left is Bernie. He's been the family photographer for years and even as a guest, he was working hard the whole time. Such a kind person and sincerely loves his craft! He sent along a bunch of images of me in action after the wedding. (See bottom of post)

This is hands down the my-cheeks-are-in-pain funniest moment I've ever witnessed at a wedding. Kelsey and Rodney grew up down the road from each other. Rodney has always been good friends with her brothers, which of course comes along with years of pranking. I was told that Kelsey had built up the moment Rodney was to take off her garter, telling him things like 'we have to put on a show so you've got to really get into it, dance around, people love that kind of stuff.' I think they may have even practiced. So, the moment comes and Rodney is surprisingly blindfolded. He goes along with it like a good sport. The music starts and out prances Kelsey's brother Jarod, who had shaved his legs in preparation only minutes before, wearing.... well, look on....

At this point, there isn't a dry eye in the room. 300 guests are going absolutely nuts and Rodney is just feeding off the energy getting more and more into it!

Seriously, Rodney was such a good sport after being totally shocked during the reveal! I'm staying tuned to see what happens at Jarod's wedding one day. I don't see Rodney in a dress, but there's no doubt he's cooking up his payback! 

Ceremony: Saint Columba Church, downtown Durango, CO
Reception: Family Residence, Ignacio, CO
Florals: April's Garden
Dress: Sottero-Midgley

Below: Just another day at the office. Thanks for the images, Bernie!

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