Southern Bali #2 - Padang Padang

We spent the late afternoon at Padang Padang, a surf break that was on the list as a 'must see'. While I walked around grabbing some shots of the hidden beach area and fisherman, Sean paddled around this rock for some of the roughest surfing in Bali... the coral was just waiting to have its way with any trespassing bare feet. Sean fell victim once and it looked like a bunch of knives sliced at his foot... not the best thing to have happen in a land of flip-flops. He came back smiling, so that's all the matters. Yes, there were peddlers on the beach, who insisted that I have a sarong... or a bracelet.... or a manicure.... or my hair braided.... or possibly a temporary tattoo.... or a new dress....  but when you got a moment to take it all in, this place was truly breathtaking! 

Fisherman getting their nets ready...

Flair? Never got the story on whether these served a purpose or just added pizzaz, but I like it!
Throughout the trip, some people just absolutely loved to have their picture taken. Exhibit A:

Hand strung netting: