Thanksgiving Trip 2009

This Thanksgiving was spent in the beautiful town of New Hope, Pa. It was truly the most incredible holiday to date... I got to see my nephew Magnus, my dad flew in from Florida to surprise us all, my uncle and his family were there... it was just that kind of day where you look around and see so much love in one room and it's overwhelming! I was able to meet up with a few long time friends as well and meet some new additions to their families. Lots of babies this time around and I basked in all the happiness! Here are a few highlights from the trip:

If I could have 10 kids like Magnus, I would have 10 kids. He is incredible and just a complete joy to be around. Here is one happy moment with Grandma Diana:

Laughing in the mirror with Grandpa Lenny!

We would give him the shirt off our backs and did when the wind picked up... I could seriously jump through the screen to kiss those cheeks!

My beautiful sister, Eva, and her beau James. These two are head over heels and completely adorable together!

The four of us were roommates in college and I was completely awestruck having all the kids together and seeing that they really are all mommies now! We reminisced the afternoon away over pizza and champagne...just like old times!

Meet Ava. My new best friend. This was my first time meeting her and it kills me how fast two years can fly by. We definitely won't let another two pass!

Meet Lena. Ava's sister and sidekick already. Look at those eyes! I can't wait to watch her grow!

Meet Carter. His eyes and curious stare could make any girl stop in their tracks! Those cheeks!

Meet Benjamin. He is the coolest 3 week old ever but he was not too into nude portraiture so we yielded to his requests.

One of my best friends, Amy, and her beautiful family. I have photographed her children from when they were first born and it's been amazing to watch these two grow. Shane is old enough now to know my name which is extra awesome! More of these beauties to come!

Life is good!