Vancouver, British Columbia: Downtown

There is so much to photograph in a city and Vancouver was no exception!

A hazy Mt. Baker in the distance:

The bike trail spanned the perimeter of downtown Vancouver and gave a gorgeous tour of such a unique city. This was the most sun the city had seen in a while, so EVERYONE was out enjoying it!

The hotel had these crazy bikes for us to take around town. They said it was the law to wear a helmet, so we obeyed and went on our way.

We noticed we were the only ones with helmets on and decided to have a little fun with it...we straightened up our posture, took full advantage of the bell, and smiled the whole ride.

As Sean always says, "Safety is no accident."

Not too shabby of a loft:

Water taxi, aka AquaBus!

I am always fascinated by this warning picture, comic-like yet very effective: