Weekend Excursions

This weekend I'm dusting off the camera that started it all and heading out on a road trip.  My mother purchased this camera when pennies were counted, but the value of photographing memories couldn't be ignored. She was 19, had purchased her first car for less than the price of this camera (camera cost in 1976: $350) and when she found out she was pregnant with my older brother, she found a way to buy this gem. It's captured many Dukes of Hazard reenactments, dining on our Magnum PI tv trays, Christmas mornings, jumps into leaf piles, super sweet 70s/80s hair styles and fashion (apparently, my family loved bowl-cuts, feathered bangs, and heavy plaid... so did yours, come on) and moments that I was too young to remember but can see through the grainy, rounded edged photographs we have because of this camera and a mom who loved photography and wouldn't dare take us to Sears for stiff portraits. I look at this camera and the original paisley strap and see the soul of a loving mother. 

This was the camera I used through high school and college for all my photography classes. Digital? What was that? (ok, I lie, of course digital existed, but digital wasn't exactly friendly to the teenager's pocket.) There are so many northern california areas that I have on my "to explore" list and I'm checking a few off as I ring in my 29th year tomorrow and adding a few more miles to the weathered strap. 

Happy Weekend and Happy Birthday Abe Lincoln!